Social media and the public sector

I was invited to give a presentation last week at an event for people in the public sector. They asked me to introduce social media and give some ideas on how the public sector could utilize it.

I normally talk about the business side so this was a refreshing opportunity to think about things from a bit different perspective. Researching the topic looks like there has been a lot of discussion about eParticipation and Goverment 2.0 so social media or Web 2.0 isn’t a new topic for the public sector.

I think the public sector ways of utilizing social media are quite similar to the private sector. Both want to engage their customers in new ways and produce more value for them and both have the opportunity improve back office operations – for instance communicate and collaborate more effectively, share information more easily and engage their employees more widely.

You can find my presentation below or in Slideshare.

If you liked the slides and need a speaker for your event please be in touch.



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