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Intosome is a Social Business Design consultancy based in Finland. We help big and small corporations understand and utilize social tools and ways of working to improve their business performance.

Our consulting approach starts with the company’s business problems and takes into account the resources and other restrictions each company has. Through the facilitated strategy process the client is able to recognize the best ways to utilize social business design and maximize its impact. The projects can be inside the company, with it’s customers or with it’s subcontractors and business partners.

Our offering includes:
– Presentations and workshops
– Social Business strategy and project planning
– Social way of working support and training programs

Our experts

Harri Lakkala

Harri LakkalaHarri Lakkala is a seasoned social business consultant. He has been working with social tools and adopting social ways of working since 2003. Harri brought blogs and wikis to internal use at Nokia Ltd and made a significant contribution to company’s internal and external collaboration and innovation processes and communities. Harri has been working as a social business consultant since 2009.

Find Harri online at: Twitter – LinkedIn – SlideShare

Kaija Pöysti

Kaija Pöysti is a serial entrepreneur and board professional with over 30 years of experience in building growth companies. She has used and developed collaborative ways of working since 1990s. Kaija has also worked with social media consulting since 2001 both in the US and in Finland. She has written two books on Enterprise 2.0 in Finnish. The first one was published in 2008 (Wikimaniaa yrityksiin– Yritys2.0 tuottamaan) and the second one in June 2012 (Kilpailykyky 2.0).

Find Kaija online at: TwitterLinkedIn

Oskari Uotinen

Oskari Uotinen is an entrepreneur, social media trainer and consultant. He specializes in the use of social media and collaboration tools for marketing and communications. Oskari has a long experience on using social media both in the education and public sector. He has also developed a concept for a ”Social Media Driver’s License” (used e.g. in Summer Universities’ curriculum).

Find Oskari online at: TwitterLinkedIn


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